The Hague, February 2023 - Limosa Inc. and Airborne have agreed to terms for the production of the Limosa LimoConnect prototype airframe in parallel to designing automated manufacturing lines and supporting Limosa’s industrialisation from prototype through to serial production.

With their highly collaborative approach , the partners aim for the fast ramp up of the Limosa airframe production and ensure both trade-offs and development will be able to meet the pressing timescales of OEM.

Limosa Inc. aims to revolutionize air taxi transportation through the development of the LimoConnect allelectric, 1+7 seater Vertical and Conventional Take-off and Landing (eVTOL + eCTOL) aircraft. The strength of LimoConnect is its flexibility to adopt different mission capabilities as well as the capability of take-off and land conventionally so that it will use the available airports before needing the emergence and certification of new vertiport infrastructures. The type certification of LimoConnect under regulations of Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) and entry into service is planned for 2028.