Meet Our Team

Our team is composed of PhD Students and Engineers in the fields of electrical and aerospace

Hamid Hamidi
President and CEO

As the President and CEO of Limosa Inc., Hamid Hamidi is responsible for leading all aspects of the business including technical and commercial issues while developing LimoConnect as Limosa’s first revolutionary eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-off and Landing) aircraft.

Hamid has great confidence in the intellectual capacity and creativity of the local workforce as well as the feasibility of this project in Montreal, Québec. As the aerospace hub in the North America, Montreal is well located in the aerospace industry in terms of technical knowledge, access to relevant specialists, supply chain and manufacturing plants. In the last five years, Hamid has been closely monitoring the market for new flying electrical vehicles and has found a great opportunity to contribute to this industry. This is the time when The Limosa Group Inc. was born. Hamid did his PhD in mechanical engineering specializing in composite materials at Concordia University. His doctoral project, sponsored by Bell Helicopter (Now as Bell Flight), consisted in researching the application of composite materials in the yoke of helicopters. Hamid worked in Oil and Gas Industry for more than 10 years. He was the construction Site Manager in a large gas compressor station installation project, managing the whole team of 300 employees.

Saeid Khadem
Structural Engineer

Saeid Khadem Moshir has a PhD from Concordia university. He works on design, stress and vibrational analyses of composite aerospace structures using finite element methods and novel mathematical approaches for analysis of composite materials. He has experiences in manufacturing composite structures. His Ph.D. thesis is about stress analysis of initially curved composite tubes for landing gear application of helicopters.

Hossein Feiz
System Engineer

Hossein Feiz is a PhD candidate at ETS University in Montreal, Quebec. His project is focused on the application of deep learning in physics-based animation. Previously he received a level II Master of Big Data in Rome, Italy and worked as a Big Data Engineer at Engineering Group 365. Prior to that, he received his Bachelor and Master degrees in Electrical Engineering. In his free time, Hossein enjoys cooking, drawing and sightseeing Montreal with his wife.

Hamid Reza Karbasian
Aerospace Engineer

Hamid Karbasian is an engineer with more than 10 years of extensive research and design experience in academics and industry. During this period, he gained extensive experience in international collaborations and industrial projects. In general, he is an expert in solving thermo-fluid problems, industrial-scale engineering analysis and optimization, algorithm design, and software development.

Saeed Nazari
Aerodynamic Engineer

I joined Limosa as a start up company that is on a mission to make air commutes as a fast and green transportation a reality. I hold a M.A.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering from UBC and have some years experience in wind industry. I hope my expertise in aerodynamic, turbulence modelling, and fluid-structure interaction help our bird to fly!

Mohsen Hamedi
Aeroacoustic Engineer

Mohsen is a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Concordia University, Montréal, Canada. He is one of the developers of an in-house solver, High-ORder Unstructured Solver (HORUS), capable of scale-resolving simulations of unsteady flows within the vicinity of complex and real-world engineering geometries. Mohsen is currently working on an aeroacoustic optimization framework, enabling the design of a quiet generation of aircraft.

Mostafa Asadi
Flight Dynamics and Control

As the flight dynamics and control specialist, Mostafa Asadi contributes to Limosa Inc by analyzing flight dynamics and stability, building simulations, and developing and testing of flight control systems. Mostafa has a PhD degree in mechanical engineering with expertise in dynamics, vibration and control. He enjoys working in multidisciplinary teams and in the dynamic environment of startup companies and small businesses. He also has experience of working as a data scientist in the academia and industry. As hobbies, he enjoys hiking, reading and camping with his family.

Ehsan Talebi
Accounting Manager

Ehsan Talebi has done his bachelor in law at University of Tehran in Iran. He is an entrepreneur and has more than 8 years of management experience in different positions. Recently he was the owner of a fast-food restaurant. During this period, he gained extensive experience in financial and human resource management. He joined Limosa in January 2022 and he is working as financial and operations administrator at Limosa inc. Ehsan loves Iranian traditional music and enjoys singing. In addition, he likes to cook in his free time.

Mehrnaz Mohajer
Director of Operations

Bojia Li
Electrical Engineer

Bojia graduated from the UBC with a B.A.Sc in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He joined Limosa in 2023 to work on the electrical components of the LimoConnect such as the motors and power distribution systems. Bojia enjoys listening to music of a wide variety of genres and enjoys pop culture. He currently likes exploring the sights and sounds of Montreal in his spare time.

Mohamed Ibrahim Elhadi
Mechanical Engineer

Mohamed Ibrahim holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University. Mohamed has embarked on a journey with us at Limosa as an Aircraft Structural Engineer in July 2023. Mohamed's profound understanding of structural dynamics, mechanical design principles, and finite element analysis make him a key player in the development of LimoConnect, our advanced aircraft currently in the works. His analytical prowess and commitment to precision will be instrumental in ensuring the integrity and reliability of the aircraft's structural components.

Create a multi-purpose emission free eVTOL aircraft by 2028.

Limosa is dedicated to provide an inclusive workplace and encourage creativity. Our team is determined to redefine accessibility of flying environmentally friendly.

The Limosa Team is actively working on designing an efficient eVTOL aircraft by partnering with vendors to meet the needs of our design.

We are designing a 7-seater eVTOL

If you are interested to learn more about what we're working on and how you can get involved, contact us and we'd be more than happy to speak with you.

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