The Limosa inc. team is proud to announce that Limosa has been selected for Collision 2022 alpha/beta program which shines a spotlight on early-stage startups with outstanding potential, connecting them with the world's most influential people and companies.

This selection provides Limosa team with following opportunities:

▪ 3 general admission tickets

▪ A 1.5 m2 exhibition space for 1 day in the Alpha or Beta startups section

▪ Adding our company name to the Collision web page listing startups

▪ Help from a Collision member to prepare us for the event

▪ Access to the Collision networking app

▪ The opportunity to benefit from hours of mentoring, to participate in a pitch session, meetings with investors and master classes

▪ Access to a meeting space exclusive to Beta and Alpha startups

Collision 2022 is one of the most important international fairs dedicated to technological innovation. This event, which covers many sectors of activity (e-commerce, marketing and retail, experiential, video games and XR, transport, environment, health, finance, etc.) will be held from June 20 to 23, 2022 in Toronto, Canada.

About Limosa inc.

Limosa Inc. is a technology start-up based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Our aim is to revolutionize the transportation system to be a safe and fast travelling option. The air taxi transportation will be safer than a car, faster, eco-friendly and less time consuming than an airplane as well as more flexible than conventional transportation systems. Our group consists of experts in aircraft structural design, structural analyses, aerodynamics, designing propulsion systems, flight control and avionics to develop an eVTOL aircraft. Limosa Inc. intends to develop and acquire strategic technologies and next-generation aircraft configurations, to accelerate the deployment of economically viable eco-friendly air travel and transport, by leveraging its expertise and growing international network of industry partnerships. We are currently working on developing a 7-seater all-electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. Our vehicle is named LimoConnect. The design is being tailored to be autonomous and capable of carrying cargo.

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