Our aim is to deliver an eVTOL + eCTOL aircraft solution by 2028
Our team is working diligently to obtain our goals

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About Us

Limosa Inc. is a technology start-up based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Our aim is to revolutionize the transportation system to be a safe and fast travelling option.

The air taxi transportation will be safer than a car, faster, eco-friendly and less time consuming than an airplane, as well as, more flexible than conventional transportation systems. Our group consists of experts in aircraft structural design, structural analyses, aerodynamics, designing propulsion systems, flight control and avionics to develop an eVTOL aircraft. Limosa Inc. intends to develop and acquire strategic technologies and next-generation aircraft configurations, to accelerate the deployment of economically viable eco-friendly air travel and transport by leveraging its expertise and growing international network of industry partnerships. We are currently working on developing a 7-seater all-electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. Our vehicle is named LimoConnect. The design is being tailored to be autonomous and capable of carrying cargo



Traffic congestion, long commutes, and, most importantly, air pollution, are amongst the top transportation challenges. All of which can be solved by the advent of eVTOLs, which are far more efficient and faster than ground means of transportation. These vehicles can be used as air taxis, emergency responses, and cargo transport. In Limosa Inc., a group of engineers from various disciplines are designing LimoConnect as a reliable, efficient, and quick alternative for daily transportation.

About Our Work

Limosa is Consist of several groups working together to make our dream a reality
These are the most important subjects that we are focusing on


Our team is researching for cutting edge science and technologies that can enable us to perform better


We are applying new technologies for structural and control systems of limoConnect to reduce as much weight of the vehicle as possible.

Flexible Transportation

eVTOLs will introduce a new mode of transportation by adding air as the third dimension for transferring people and goods in congested areas


We are communicating with well-known manufactures and suppliers in order to set up our supply chain


We are working with experts in the fields of aerodynamics, structurs, electronics and control systems to create novel designs for our eVTOL

Zero Emission

Our all-electric aircraft is intrinsicly zero emission and we well assure that the manufacturing process will also stay green


Our team is working on creating high density batteries that can facilitate the long way missions


We are planning to make a fast charging system that can enable our eVTOL to give service at higher rate of operation

We are designing a 7-seater eVTOL

If you are interested to learn more about what we're working on and how you can get involved, contact us and we'd be more than happy to speak with you.

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Main Specifics of the Limosa Aircraft

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check our progress

We are reporting our progress in designing and manufacturing of the aircraft.


Our Main Activities

Electric Motor Design

We are working on a novel topology for axial flux motors which enables us to use them for high torque applications

Flight Control Systems

We are using the state of the art technology for integrating our subsystems to be as reliable as possible

Physics-based simulation

We are using multi-disciplinary physics-based simulation to ensure that our designs are plausible

Structural analysis

Stress analysis is one the most important aspects of our work

Electrical Systems

There are lots of sub-systems embedded in a eVTOL vehicle we are trying to design Electrical systems with best performance and high reliablity.

Aerodynamic analysis

Our experts in the feild of aerodynamics optimize every part of the aircraft with CFD analysis.

Our Partners